Implementation of the Scholarship


The 1127 Scholarship program aims to provide financial help for excellent students studying in the United States, and to encourage them to try their best and make remarkable achievements.

2. Scholarship Receivers

        Applicants should meet the qualities of:
        (1) excellent students from domestic famous universities having the proof of acceptance or appointment by a leading university in the United States.
        (2) persons who graduated from famous universities with great achievements, having the proof of acceptance or appointment by a leading university in the United States.
        (3) Excellent Chinese visiting scholars to academic departments of American colleges.

3. The standard of the scholarship

Each scholarship carries a stipend of US$10,000 for a Chinese student. Recipients of the scholarship who perform well in their first school year may apply for further scholarship of US$5,000 each school year. Each scholarship for a Chinese visiting scholar is US$5,000 to US$10,000.

4. The principles of the implementation

According to the principles of openness, equality and fairness, a selection committee comprised of distinguished academicians who are invited by China-American Academic Exchange Program will determine the scholarship receivers following the aforementioned principles.

5. Implementation details

        (1) The implementation details of í░The 1127 Scholarship Programí▒ will be published both on our website and the related introduction materials.
        (2) Those who are interested in applying for this scholarship should fill the application forms according to his or her authentic situations. The universities , colleges and institutes could also recommend their excellent students and visiting scholars to the 1127 Scholarship Program.
        (3) The selection work will be started in June every year, by the examination committee according to the principles of openness, equality and fairness to select the scholarship receivers.
        (4) The list of the scholarship receivers will be published on the scholarship website
        (5) Those who practice fraud will be prosecuted.

China-America Academic Exchange Program